Saturday, January 10, 2009

Winter Day Photo Post

Throw another log on the fire, pull on your slippers, grab some hot coco and I'll show you a few pictures of me and Whit and what we've been up to this past fall.

As a graduation gift for Whitney last year, her Uncle Larry gave her a 12' fishing boat!
These next few pictures are from a fishing weekend at one of our favorite local lakes.

Whitney and I also really enjoyed the hunting season this year. We had a great time getting out and exploring some new spots in both Western and Central MT.
These photos are from opening morning this fall.

The other thing we did a lot of this fall was go to several Griz Games!
These pictures are from the Thanksgiving Holiday when Whitey's family joined us for a game.

The Griz had a great season and went all the way to the National Championship!
Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Kyle and Whitney (and Sheridan and Rosco)


April said...

Yea! Pictures! These are great. It is neat seeing what you guys are up too. Keep it up! (The adventures, and the blog updates!)

Berit said...

Guess who was here. Just learned about twitter and chrome from April and found her site, then yours. Wow what a morning for learning. Feel a little closer to you guys. Miss all of you.