Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Antelope Country

Whitney and I took our second trip to antelope country this year, here are a few pictures from our adventure.

This picture shows some of the area we were hunting. Anyone who says central Montana is flat has never hiked it!

This is a bunch of antelope we watched quite a bit. There was some very nice bucks in that herd, but of course they never came anywhere near the property we could hunt.

After a lot of hiking, we found a bunch that we could hunt. We managed to belly crawl within 130 yards, and each made a goot shot. This is the view from where the shot was taken looking at me standing where the animals are.

Whit's first animal wasn't the big buck she was hoping for, but she made a good clean shot and can certainly be proud to have filled her antelope tag.

The dogs were very excited to come with us to retrieve the game, wearing orange of course!

I loaded both critters on the game cart, and we made our way back to the truck, about 1.5 miles.
It was a great trip, and fun to see some country new to us. Now both of these animals are cut and wrapped in the freezer, and we are looking forward to the general season opener on sunday!
That's all for now - Kyle