Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer Update

Wow, Its been a really long time since we updated this page! Sorry about that...
A lot has happened so far this summer. "Our renters" finally got out at the end of June, and we moved into the house over the Fourth of July. Thanks very much to Kathy, Gary and Bailey for the help. Since then we've been working on getting the place up and running, and getting our selves organized in the space. Part of that was getting the internet connection up, which is why the page was so over due. We've also been working on gathering firewood and huckleberries in the hills around Plains. As my sister April put it, we are like squirrels gathering for the winter. The fire season for us has been very slow. A very big change from last year, and a mixed blessing as it has been nice to have free time for moving in. Also we've gone floating several times. Floating the Clark Fork River is a main past time here, lots of fun.
We are looking forward to a seeing George later this summer, and anyone else who would like to visit!
I guess that's all for now, hope your all doing well. Kyle and Whit