Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wedding Week

The wedding week is upon us! It's been so long in coming and yet I still can't quite believe it's actually here. Our first guest arrived last night, Whitney's Aunt Cricket from Phoenix. Today more Sisk's arrive and tomorrow the first of the Johnson's will be in town. It's so exciting for everybody to be congregating in town for our special day, Whitney and I feel very honored.
Our first event will be the luau themed shower/ party thursday night. Alyssa headed up puting this together and we are very thankful, it would not have happened without her. It is going to be a blast and yes I do have a grass skirt and coconut top!
After that, friday morning bright and early we'll head off to Missoula to start setting up the wedding site. This will be even more fun because on Friday I get to see my niece Nia who turned one just two weeks ago! On Friday afternoon we'll have a practice ceremony and then for the family and bridal party, it's off to the rehersal dinner.
Saturday morning we're off to the fort for any remaining preperations. The band will be setting up and we'll be putting the flowers together. Then we go take wedding pictures with the bridal party, before heading back for the ceremony. Then saturday at 5 the big event will actually happen! Although some may argue that the main event will acually be the reception after the ceremony!
We are certainly looking forward to that, a party with all our favorite friends and family, what could be better? By the way, the band told me that they'd play as long as people kept dancing, even if that lasted until sunup, so be prepared!
So after all that, whenever everybody returns to life, we're planning a family gathering at the fort one more time to open gifts and say goodbyes.
It's going to be one amazing week, I just hope it doesn't go by too fast.