Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two Weeks

Tonight is our two week aniversery with Rosco! He continues to enhance our lives with many fun times and challanges too. Walks twice or three times a day, pee breaks at 2 and 5 every morning, and constantly keeping us on our toes are just a few things going on around here. Sheridan seems to be taking it well and Rosco follows her everywhere, like a little brother does. He has a very strong play drive contantly galloping off to find new things. On that note I am impressed at how fast he is already. Rosco also loves to chew on rawhides and recently found one of Sheridan's old deer legs in the back yard to keep him busy. That's all for now, KJ


April said...

I wonder if there is a word for coupling the cute image of an adorable puppy next to -- gag -- a severed deer leg!! You owe your squeamish CA sis some super cute puppy pictures minus any carcases!!

But in all honesty, love the Rosco stories -- keep 'em coming!

Hugs and kisses to you & Whitney. A big bear hug to Sheridan for being an accommodating big sis, too! (I know what it is like to have little brothers trailing after you and being nosy!)

George said...

Nice post. Glad to hear things are going well and Rosco and Sheridan are getting along. Before you know it you will be saying, remember when, the time Rosco is little will pass before you know it.

Megan & Matt said...

Hey kids, hope you don't mind that April shared your site with me! Just saw the puppy pics - Matt is going to be so jealous. We've decided not to have any pets until we move out of the city, but it's so tempting when I see cute little guys like this!