Friday, February 8, 2008

Rosco the Shetland Sheepdog ('Sheltie')

Though Kyle and I have discussed getting a puppy in the future, neither one of us planned on bringing one home last night. I am sitting here typing this blog with one hand because little Rosco is napping on the other. I wonder why he is so sleepy? Possibly because he kept us up all night whining and howling (its like I bought a wolf)! I knew it was going to be rough though, and its worth it to have his companionship and playfulness.

I found this little puppy at a local pet store on tuesday and fell in love. I hung out there for the next two days until Kyle could come meet him and his little sister. Neither of us have ever bought a puppy from a store, let alone bought a puppy. I looked into his breeder who actually owns very few dogs, and the pet store workers all own pets through her. It is a small family run business and her puppies are all very healthy and happy.

Rosco is a 10 week old Shetland Sheepdog; meant for herding like another dog we know and love. I have had my heart set on a husky since I can remember but this little guy changed that idea pretty quickly. His breed is very loyal, good with children, energetic, and smart! Sheridan was here to meet the little guy and she seemed excited for a pal! She doesn't realize how big she is in comparison. Her idea of playing still consists of running him over! I think they will get along excellently and he will be a great addition to the family.

My camera is on the fritz but pictures will be posted shortly!


Kathy said...

Well looks like dad and I are heading to Bend tonight to buy our first grandson a toy. Doubt Dad will leave Sheridan out. So look for a box you two. Glad you found a puppy you both like and Sheridan too! Love you both! Wait now it's love you all!!!!

April said...

Wow, how exciting to have a new puppy in the house! Love the name Rosco, too! I'm dying here for pictures!! Congrats you guys!