Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Entering the MADE fair

Whitney's spent a lot of time in these past few weeks building up her handmade feather accessories and silk flower inventory in order to enter into the MADE Fair in Missoula this June. Her collection now includes dyed and natural feather earings, feather hair extensions, silk flowers, and feather hair clips.  Last night it came time to shoot the pictures and submit her application. We assembled the jewelry and headed out, but of course the weather was less than cooperative. In between rain showers and wind blasts we shot these pictures (among many others).


Please remember we are not photographers!  Now begins the waiting period to see if she gets chosen. Keep your fingers crossed!
Of course we're hoping to get selected for a spot at the fair, but even if we don't all of these items are available for sale. Be sure to email Whit whitsisk@hotmail.com if you see something you like or have something special in mind!


April said...

So cool! Really.

Miss Lynn said...

I love your flower clips! Those are really well done!