Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Update & House Pictures

The biggest thing to report is the birth of our baby niece Nia! We are very excited and very happy for April and Joe, the pround parents.
It was also great to see so much of Whit's family and mine, as well as my good buddy Nels and his girlfriend in Sacramento. It's always fun to take time to visit good friends and family, no matter how long the drive.

After our week long road trip to CA we both had to hit the ground running. Whit's job at the Forest Service looks to be very busy, with lots of overtime already. Things are also picking up for me as the nice weather dries out the muddy hills. I am trying to hold on to the last few weeks of spring though, as summer fire season will be here very shortly, I'm sure.
Today we visited our new house (only the second time we've been there). It was great to see everything again, and notice all the little things we missed the first time. The big news for this
week is that "they" upped our closing date to June 12th. If all goes as planned the current renters will be out and we'll be in by the begining of July. Its hard to go see it and then leave and go back to my current rental, but soon we can begin moving.
We are both very excited to be moved in and show off the new diggs, so everybody will have to come visit!
Take care, KJ


Victoria said...

your new house looks amazing!

George said...

Very nice. Now all you need to do is order a pest fumigation and get those pesty renters out of the house...

April said...

Great photos, Ky! Great news on the closing date. Pretty cool to come across Nia's name on your blog, too. :)

Michelle said...

Awesome!! All that open space. You don't get that in CA!

April said...

Nice new Harley pic!