Sunday, January 27, 2008

Heritage Hall

The Heritage Hall at Fort Missoula.

We first found out about this beautiful building when we attended my friends Court and Sarah's reception last year. The extensive lawns, and large wooden dance floor really impressed us and we decided this would make a great place for our big day.


April said...

Hi guys! I'm super stoked that you've started a blog. A truly fantastic idea (not that I'm biased or anything! *wink*). The Heritage Hall looks really, really nice. I think it'll be a great site for your big celebration. Can't wait!

Michelle said...

Congratulations Kyle and Whitney! This is such an exciting time. My sister got married in Missoula!

Kathy said...

Hey you two!
This looks awesome. In case it is not obvious we are very excited!!!
We love you both a ton!
Fatboy and Beulah!

Bailey said...

Hey guys!
Setting up a blog was a great idea, I like being updated on the wedding plans. And I'm so excited because I'll be seeing you both in 3 days! Love you! ♥